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While there is so much research and information floating in the world, something that is so precious is wisdom gleaned from time and experience.

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Feeling Like a Burden

Feeling as though you are getting in the way of something, imposing on someone, or souring situations can take a significant toll on your physical and mental health.

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Tea and Well-Being: Alert and Calm

A large benefit of tea is an increase in alertness and energy. Often clients experiencing symptoms of depression may have reduced energy or experience an increase in fatigue.

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You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Friendships are hard work, especially when we are first starting that new relationship – it can feel like we are putting in so much effort with little reward.

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Self care

We talk to our clients a lot about the importance of balance in our lives in order for us as individuals to be happy and function effectively.

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Our Brains and Bellies

Our Brains & Bellies by Nichole Dabrowski, Counseling Intern Could you ever imagine that your gut activity was related to the activity in your brain? Or that your mood, depression, or anxiety is related to what is going on in your intestines? Our gastrointestinal...

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