Celebration of Life By: Kendall Leahy, Clinical Intern

What is celebration of life? Celebration of life is a gathering for a grieving family and friends to honor a loved one who has passed. The purpose of a celebration of life is for those to say goodbye and remember. Losing a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time so it is important to surround yourself with support. A celebration of life can include speeches, songs, prayers, or memories. It is a unique celebration of telling stories and sharing laughter. There is no right or wrong way to celebrate a loved one. It typically focuses on the person who has passed, achievements and the good they brought into the world.

It is important to not lose focus on the goal of a celebration of life, to remember those who have passed and keep their memory alive. It helps show gratitude to a loved one’s life, instead of focusing on the grief and sadness. To honor a loved one’s death, allows you to find peace in their accomplishments and a life well lived. This can be a step in the journey of grieving and mourning of a loved one.

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