Psychotherapy by Christina Chychula, Clinical Intern


Have you ever experienced feelings of distress and hopelessness? Do you ever feel unhappy and overwhelmed about what is happening in your life? Do you have unresolved painful feelings and issues you do not want to face alone? If so, it could be a good time to seek psychotherapy.

What is psychotherapy?

It is the treatment of emotional problems and mental health disorders by talking with a mental health professional. The goal of psychotherapy is to improve one’s quality of life and alleviate suffering ¾ a shared process that leads to insight and growth. It helps individuals on a path to become the healthiest version of themselves. Psychotherapy motivates positive change; it strives to empower people to explore their self-identity and overcome challenges in their lives.

Professional therapy does not need to be a last resort. Seeking help early on is a great way to proactively prevent more severe symptoms in the future. This can decrease or even reverse such symptoms when they first present. Therapists equip their clients with the tools to overcome their struggles by exploring healthy coping strategies and providing them with the proper resources to take care of themselves.

Psychotherapy can help alleviate and treat a wide range of issues and concerns: depression, anxiety, stress, family issues, relationship issues, low self-esteem, anger, trauma, abuse, insomnia, sexuality, food/eating issues, phobias, addiction, boundary issues, ADHD, grief, life transitions, and much more. It may not always be easy, or a quick process, but making the commitment can offer life-changing outcomes. Many people wait until their world is falling apart to begin. If the rhythm of your life has been disrupted, and you have been playing tug of war against the thought of therapy, please keep an open mind!