Curious about Art Therapy?

By Nichole Dabrowski, LPC

Art therapy is a form of therapy that integrates visual media such as drawing and painting into the therapeutic process. Drawing can be used as a form of non-verbal expression—giving clients a means to communicate and explore their thoughts and feelings through visual channels (rather than verbal). Art therapy is not reserved for clients who believe they are “good” at art. Art therapy can be utilized by any skill level and any age to assist in the therapy setting. Watercolors, crayons, markers, clay, acrylics, canvas, movement, and more can be used in art therapy.

Why use art therapy? It is an alternative means of communication. Humans are not cookie-cutter—we do not all communicate the same way. We also do not always have exact words for what we are feeling, experiencing, or thinking. Art therapy provides a back door type of access to subconscious and repressed experiences. It also provides tactile stimulation to assist with those who do better with “something” in their hand. Read this interesting article linked below to learn more about this phenomenon.


Many of our therapists utilize creative methods to assist in their client’s process of therapy. Owens & Associates Counseling and Therapy Center offers a variety of personality, experience, and specialty among its counselors. If you are interested in art therapy, contact Owens & Associates Counseling and Therapy Center today at (847) 854-4333 to set up a first-time appointment with a counselor. Remember to mention your interest in art therapy!