National Coming Out Day: October 11th


By: Kaleigh Nobbe, NCC


Today is the day!

Every October, the 11th is celebrated as National Coming Out Day.

This annual celebration began back in 1988, commemorating the anniversary of a march in Washington in 1987 where half a million people marched for lesbian and gay rights. By 1990, all 50 states were observing October 11th as National Coming Out Day.

NCOD is an important day that represents the eradication of hate and homophobia towards people in the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies. It is a day to remember that all people, regardless or orientation or gender, are entitled to the same basic human rights. The day shines light on the continued struggles of the community and provides a platform to showcase the injustices still occurring today.

Coming out is rarely a simple task. It can be dangerous and it can be liberating. It can be healing. If you may know someone that could use support, or if you may be looking for support during your own coming out journey, I encourage you to reach out to us here at Owens & Associates so that we may help provide the resources and dedication you deserve in this time.

Coming out is different for each person. For additional encouragement or assistance,

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