Why Therapy is like Climbing a Mountain Part Two

By Jacki Haworth, Clinical Intern

Along the way there will be progress made up the metaphorical mountain. Sometimes progress will be slow, other times it can be fast the important thing to acknowledge is that progress is progress. That being said there may be times where it feels like the progress is moving backwards, when climbing a mountain it is important to acclimate to the altitude.


If you climb up the mountain too fast you may get sick. Sometimes the best action is to go back a little bit, process it and then move forward when you are ready. It is ok and important to take stops along the way to acclimate to the new altitude.


Progress can also be lateral, meaning that progress can stay at the same altitude, but you can take side steps. Therapy is not like a one size fits all type of deal, therapy and the therapeutic process is tailored to each individual client. This means that progress can look very different, depending on the mountain climber, or client. It is important to focus on your path towards treatment and not compare yourself to other people who are also on their own journey.



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