11-14 Years Old Skills Support Group

Created by Krista Mueller, LPC, NCC

A new school year is close upon us, which can be an extremely stressful time for everyone. Ease some of that stress and anxiety by having your young teenager join our Weekend Warriors group, where they will be able to interact with peers their age, create friendships, gain support, and develop skills for a successful school year. 

About the Group: 

Weekend Warriors is a support group for individuals 11-14 years old of any gender identity that offers peer and clinician support, as well as shares skills from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). This group demonstrates an accepting, warm, friendly, and neutral environment.   

There are two Weekend Warriors groups offered: 

Saturdays at 11am in the Lake in the Hills location, or virtual may be an option.  

~Typically, one will meet for an intake session one on one with the leading clinician first~ 

Why Join? 

Set your adolescent up for success by providing them a space to learn the crucial life skills they need to manage their academics, relationships and other areas of life. Whether or not your adolescent has been in therapy before (or currently is or not), this group can motivate your adolescent to develop and practice skills for growth, as well as meet new peers along the way. 

Your adolescent will gather knowledge about: 

  • Coping skills to strengthen their emotion regulation skills  
  • Managing overwhelming emotions 
  • Replacing harmful or self-destructive behaviors 
  • Improving relationship skills 
  • Refining social skills
  • Building self-confidence
  • Enhancing overall well-being 


Encourage your adolescent to join this group where they will be able to engage with fellow peers, create friendships, receive support, and have a safe space to process their thoughts and feelings with individuals their own age and the guidance of a professional counselor. Creating new friendships and figuring out oneself can be extremely difficult in middle school, so let’s make it a little simpler for them!   



Call/email our administrative team at admin@owenscounseling.com or 847-854-4333 to learn more about the group or to join! We can have you join as soon as possible.