By Jacki Haworth, Clinical Intern

Stress can be helpful and harmful, due to the varying degrees of stress that people can experience. Stress can sometimes be helpful when it is small amounts of stress that can motivate you to complete tasks. But stress can also become overwhelming, increased amounts of stress can cause people to freeze and become unable to do anything.

It is important to acknowledge that people can manage stress in many different ways. Also each individual person has a different stress tolerance threshold. This means that an amount of stress can debilitating to one person and to another person it can be a manageable amount.

One way to combat overwhelming stress is to work with coping skills when the stress is more moderate, in an effort to not let the stress get to an overwhelming level. Some coping skills that can be effective are meditation, mindfulness activities, exercise, and talking to someone about the stress you are experiencing. Effective coping skills can vary from person to person so it is important to try multiple coping skills to find what works the best for you.


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