Social Wellness

By Ashlyn Cadle, LPC, CADC, CCTP

What is Social Wellness Month? Well, I’ll tell you! Social Wellness Month is celebrated in the Month of July each year and promotes social well-being. The goal of Social Wellness Month is to encourage individuals to nurture their social relationships. These social relationships may look like family, friends, significant others or even getting involved in your local community.

Social wellness is a crucial part of our human nature and society. Social wellness is directly linked to both physical and mental well-being. Lack of healthy companionship has been linked high cholesterol and higher levels of stress. So, our social life is a very important part of our overall wellness!

Here at Owens & Associates Counseling and Therapy Center we have multiple highly skilled therapists who can help clients create a personalized social wellness plan. I have worked with clients seeking a variety of social wellness goals ranging from being new to the area to social anxiety. In each of these situations, I have helped my client develop a new set of skills that allows them to move towards their social wellness goals. If you feel your social wellness is not where you want it to be, reach out to Owens & Associates Counseling and therapy Center at 847-854-4333 and start on your therapy journey!