By: Christina Chychula, Clinical Intern


This November, between the 13th and 19th, marks transgender awareness week! This week is a time for people to uplift members of the transgender community by sharing positive stories while also surrounding them with love and support. Transgender awareness week brings attention to the community by sharing experiences and educating the public about who transgender people are.  It is a time for transgender people to share the challenges and issues they face every day to educate the public and raise awareness.

While the transgender community has come a long way, they continue to face barriers such as poverty, violence, stigma, and discrimination. Like any group of people, members of the transgender community come from various walks of life that are unique to who they are and are very diverse.   As the transgender community gains a bigger voice and becomes more authentic, the number of resources increase with the aim of deepening society’s understanding of the community as a whole and what it means to be transgender.  This week improves transgender visibility which is critical for positive change and acceptance.


If you may know someone that could use support, or if you may be looking for support during your own journey, I encourage you to reach out to us here at Owens & Associates at (847) 854 4333 so that we may help provide the resources and support you deserve in this time.