Tea and Well-Being: Alert and Calm by Kaleigh Nobbe

A large benefit of tea is an increase in alertness and energy. Often clients experiencing symptoms of depression may have reduced energy or experience an increase in fatigue. Hydration alone can help counteract fatigue and so can the caffeine contained in the plant. When steeped, the leaves release caffeine in varying quantities. Regardless of the tea you choose, caffeine will be present, however, the amino acid L-theanine exists in the plant, which allows the caffeine to absorb into the system at a slower pace and last longer. This interaction has been shown to provide feelings of relaxation without drowsiness. During this relaxed state people have reported a reduction in stress related symptoms such as stiffness, altered breathing patterns, and feeling weak or tired.

So how does this help you? Great question! I often here people asking me how to gain or spark motivation. Though there is no particular activity I can suggest, I can encourage you to get active. Sometimes we start working, then suddenly realize how much work we have completed and how little there may be left to complete. By taking action and starting the work, we can increase the likelihood that we will continue working. With tea, we can essentially jumpstart our body into activation with the caffeine and the L-theanine backs up the caffeine to prolong our energy. Sometimes we just need that initial boost.

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