By Clinical Intern, Kendall Leahy

Secrets can be kept in many ways. What is a secret? A secret is something that is told or kept confidential from another person/group/or thing. One thing that could be considered a secret can be passwords. You may have websites, and emails that require a password to sign in. A phone lock screen may also require a password to get in the phone. A doctor’s office is required to keep your medical records a secret to anybody who isn’t you.

There are also secrets that aren’t appropriate to keep. Those secrets can include when someone is hurting you, or someone else. This might mean you could be in danger, and an adult might need to step in to ensure safety.

There are also secrets you may confide in your friends, or family with which aren’t harmful. For example, who your crush is, or a planned surprise for a friend is a good reason to keep a secret. Those things are not necessarily harmful, and you have a right to your own privacy. It is important to be mindful about the context, and reason of the secret.

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