January Mental Wellness 


By: Ashlyn Cadle, LPC, CADC, CCTP

Tips and tricks for taking care of yourself this year: 

Winter can be a tough time to motivate yourself in the wellness department.  Between less sunlight, cold temperatures, and less chances to get your vitamin D; winter can take a toll on your mental health.  The start of the new year brings a burst of motivation to people who want to hit the gym, but for those with low motivation, anxiety, or other mental health concerns, joining a new and crowded gym may not be the best way to work on wellness.   Other forms of wellness could include setting a new year’s resolution for new books to read in the coming year.  Wellness could also be picking up a healthy new habit such as nightly journaling or new cooking routines!  Wellness is not “one size fits all.”  If going out in the cold to a crowded gym is not your cup of tea, there are many other ways to step up your wellness game this year! 

I started the new year entering my second trimester of pregnancy. During my first trimester, I had to say goodbye to my old wellness routines.  Morning sickness and all the other woes of early pregnancy made staying active and eating a balanced diet difficult.  I learned very quickly that I needed to get creative!  Along with the common symptoms of pregnancy, I experienced intense prenatal anxiety.  In the past, exercise was my escape when anxiety was too intense, but some days I could not leave the bathroom floor.  So how do you prioritize wellness with a huge change like pregnancy?  Listen to your body! Many women feel pressure to maintain their past routines when pregnant.  Practice grace for yourself by allowing yourself to rest and take a break.  You are growing a human! Daily gratitude for your new journey can also help boost mood and reduce anxiety.  If you do feel well enough for physical activity, walking and light exercise goes a long way! A new mom’s heart is working overtime to increase blood volume by 50%.  You will be surprised how “intense” a light walk might feel! You can also try incorporating doctor approved core workouts and pelvic floor workouts to prepare for birth.  Listening to your body and radical acceptance of changes can be key to wellness while pregnant.   

Let’s make a wellness plan for you together! 

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