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Fear, Pain, Gain: 

Addiction is when one loses control of their life before they realize it. A person with addiction may experience symptoms such as: burning bridges with friends and loved ones, losing family, losing your livelihood, accepting your substance or action might kill you one day all while feeling “shackled” to substance or addictive behavior. The fear loved ones and addicted individuals face can be crippling.  Those experiencing addiction may feel scared of the pain of quitting or feeling “real” feelings after years of numbing. Other side effects of quitting a substance or behavior may be difficult or impossible to see right now, such as a sudden increase in control over your life, increased fiscal responsibility, burnt bridges rebuilding, sudden increase in social support and much more.  

Are you struggling with addiction? Our CADC’s here at Owens can provide you with the support you need on your road to long term recovery. We’ll normalize the grieving process and normalize the urge to return to your old way of life; all while helping you build coping skills to make relapse prevention more manageable. We can help you build trust in your interpersonal relationships. But most importantly, we can help you to live the life you have always deserved.   

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