Self Renewal

By Clinical Intern, Christina Chychula


While February 2nd is most known as Ground Hogs Day, it is also known as self-renewal day! In the psychology world, self-renewal is simply the process of taking care of oneself to establish and maintain their overall wellbeing. Self-renewal day is devoted to self-care, personal growth, motivation, and encouragement. It encourages people to create new goals in order to renew their bodies, minds, and souls/spirit. The beauty of self-renewal is that it can be applied to everyday tasks such as exercise, yoga, drawing, or simply having a relaxing spa day.


Self-renewal may prevent burnout, stress, anxiety, and feelings of depression by encouraging people to practice a more positive perspective of themselves, others, the world, and life as a whole. To sum it up with a pretty bow, this is a day dedicated to prioritizing yourself and making time for yourself. Self-renewal looks different for each person. For some, self-renewal might be filled with relaxing activities, while others may spend their time reflecting on their goals in life. Self-renewal is a process, so invite self-renewal into your everyday life.


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