By Jacki Haworth, NCC

Halloween is just around the corner, it a time for fun and celebration. While getting in the Halloween spirit, it’s important to be cognizant of the different situation’s others might be in. There are many aspects of the holiday that can be difficult for individuals.

A significant part of Halloween is the costume that you wear. You may be in a situation where your family may be able to afford an extravagant costume, others might not have that option. If you’re in the situation of not being able to spend a lot on a Halloween costume this year, there are plenty of creative costumes on Pinterest you can do with things you already own!

At school Halloween parties, some children may not be able to bring in goodies for everyone. It’s important to remember that this holiday is about having fun and saying or doing anything to make someone feel bad about what they’re able to bring in is not fun.

The same goes for the candy some houses may be giving out, or the decorations they put out. There may be some houses that do not have many decorations or do not have as complex decorations as other houses. Some houses may have signs asking that you only take one piece of candy. It is important to only take one piece of candy at those houses as that means that more people are likely to get candy. For some people this may be the only opportunity for them to get candy.

Money is not the only thing that may influence discrepancies this Halloween. Some parents may have to work during trick or treating hours. This may mean that grandparents or older siblings may be walking around with you or your friends. Some people also just walk around with their friends. Just because a person may be experiencing different circumstances than you does not mean that that person deserves to be looked at differently because of that. Halloween is a holiday meant to be fun for everyone.


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