Tea and Well-Being: Introduction

By: Kaleigh Nobbe


Tea has been a hobby for mine for many years now – not just a hobby, but also a tool that I use to help in a variety of area in my life. Due to the expansive benefits tea offers for mental and physical health, I will be sharing several ways in which you can use it to help bring balance to your life too. Before I start spouting off all the tea facts and benefits for your mental well-being, I find it important to share some basics about tea and what you can expect from future blogs on the subject.


Tea can help us practice:

  • Observation skills
  • Mindfulness skills
  • Emotion regulation skills
  • Distress tolerance skills

Tea can help us understand:

  • Physical responses to our environment
  • Trauma
  • Pain we experience
  • Chemical reactions within our body
  • Physical needs
  • Desires for control


I’ll be upfront with you – I am a bit of a “tea snob” and have completed several trainings over the years to enhance my knowledge of tea. I love this stuff! Regardless, I want to ensure you also have access to some of the facts and information that I will be discussing. Much of the tea, tea tools and tea facts that I will write about can also be found at adagio.com where you can further explore how tea can benefit your unique health and questions. Otherwise, my primary focus on our tea journey together will be the practice and understanding of wellness using tea as a tool.



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