Safer Internet By Hannah Garrat, Clinical Intern.

The internet can be super helpful when you are trying to figure out how many inches are in a foot
or how to cook a turkey at Thanksgiving! Although it can be a useful place, it can also be unsafe
without the proper precautions.

Things that you should avoid sharing information on the internet would be information that could
be used to verify your identity. This includes your full date of birth, photos of your driver’s
license, passport, or credit card.

As educators or parents it is also essential to share the importance of staying safe online to your
students or kids. Tablets and mobile phones can be monitored, but there are still risks associated
with social media.

Teaching kids to keep their personal data offline is essential to prevent hacking or stealing of
information. Choosing a good password is a helpful solution to protecting your privacy. People
should also keep in mind that what is posted online stays there forever. This means that future
employers could look at your social media and activity online this could cause them not to hire

Many people don’t protect themselves and their information properly online, a great way to do
that would be to update your privacy and security settings.

The internet can have major benefits, such as staying connected with friends and family and
finding ways to educate yourself. But it is key to stay safe at the same time!
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