Child-Adolescent Therapy

Our counselors are well-educated, trained and qualified to meet your child, adolescent or teenager’s needs. Is your child, adolescent or teen exhibiting any of the following?

• Unhappiness

• Irritability

• Verbal aggression

• Lack of interest in school

• Isolating behavior

• Restlessness​

• Eating disorder symptoms

• Difficulty concentrating

• Mood swings

• Bullying

• Detachment

• Lack of interest in usually enjoyable activities

• Inability to talk rationally with you about your concerns

• Self-injurious behavior

We can help your child

• Identify ineffective thoughts and behaviors

• Re-frame negative thought patterns

• Make more effective choices

• Build up your child’s tolerance to distress

• Learn how to regulate his/her emotions

• Improve his/her relationships with others

• Learn and practice relaxation techniques

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