Common Counseling Myths

By: Krista Mueller, LPC, NCC


Everyone has their own thoughts & opinions about therapy, as everyone’s experience is unique!  There may have been some debatable statements you have heard before that may be deterring you from beginning counseling of your own. You may have heard some of these statements in the chart below at some point in your life before, but that does not necessarily mean that they are accurate or will be your experience.


Let’s debunk some of the common counseling myths you may have heard before:



Myth:                                                                  Accurate:

×       Counseling is for “crazy’ people. Counseling is not only for people struggling with a serious mental health disorder.

×       “Other people have bigger problems than me or others need it more than me.”


What you are experiencing is valid & you deserve just as much help as anyone else does.


×       “Therapy or assessments will negatively affect my record.”


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects individuals’ privacy, as it helps protect confidential mental health treatment records.

×       “Counseling is just like talking to a friend.”


Although counseling can include talk therapy, it can be skill-building, processing, goal planning, & more.

×       “Counselors have all the answers.”


We do not have all the answers. We explore & collaborate with you in order for you to make the best decisions for yourself.

×      “Something is “wrong” with me if I need counseling.”


Counseling is for each & individual for any possible reason.

×    “Counseling is for the weak.”


Seeking help for any issue, no matter how big or small, displays a large amount of courage & bravery.



Counseling is different for everyone & it will likely be a different experience with different therapists. Every therapist has their own style of counseling. Counselors often tailor their therapy techniques to fit each client specifically & you have a say in that! You are more than welcome to share with us what you like, dislike, want, or need in your sessions.

Every human being goes through a rough patch eventually. It is inevitable. Life can toss us in so many different directions, while throwing numerous things at us simultaneously. It may be a life transition, an unexpected event, a mental health illness, or another type of life obstacle. Although times can be challenging, it does not mean you have to figure them out on your own! Help is waiting for you.

Studies from the National Institute of Mental Health stated:

  • in 2020, among the 52.9 million adults with a mental health illness, 24.3 million (46.2%) received mental health services in the past year.”
  • “The percentage of young adults aged 18-25 years with AMI who received mental health services (42.1%) was lower than adults with AMI aged 26-49 years (46.6%) and aged 50 and older (48.0%).”

That means that over half of the population did not engage in any mental health treatment that year. Out of about 52.9 million people struggling, less than half sought help. That is devastating, as each & everyone human being deserves help with anything they may be experiencing. Whether it may be a mental health illness or a troubling time in life, let us counselors help you!


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