Starting the Conversation Day

By Kevin Lahey, Clinical Intern

When we think about mental health and mental health problems, the first thoughts that come to mind are often of outwardly expressed symptoms. Whether it be excessive anger, problems with alcohol/drug use or major changes in eating habits, these symptoms tend to be very forward-facing. Mental health problems and their expressions, however, aren’t restricted to being overt and in our faces. Often times, when people are facing difficulties related to their mental health, many of the symptoms are hidden away from public view. Feelings of anxiety or hopelessness, and even physical isolation away from friends and loved ones, just to name a few, are more easily concealed ways that mental health issues can manifest. Addressing these unspoken feelings and self-isolating actions is the primary goal of Starting the Conversation Day.

On July 3rd of every year, we celebrate Starting the Conversation Day. As the name suggests, the purpose of this day is to encourage open communication with friends and loved ones about mental health. In short, this day is all about checking in and showing you care. That act of checking in and offering a shoulder to lean on can have more impact than many people would think. Those simple actions help those dealing with issues related to their mental health recognize that they’re not alone in their struggle. For all the progress we’ve made when it comes to combatting the stigma surrounding mental health, many people still feel shame and choose to suffer in silence. By starting conversations about mental health with those close to us, we push back against that stigma, and help others realize that it’s okay to be open about the difficulties we’re facing.

Here at Owens & Associates Counseling & Therapy Center, we go through every day with open and honest communication. In fact, for all of us to do our jobs, we rely on people being open to starting their own conversations. Starting and engaging in these conversations may be difficult, but it shows a willingness and desire to grow and work through any mental health issues someone may be dealing with. When that conversation starts, all of us here at Owens & Associates Counseling & Therapy Center are ready to help it continue in a meaningful and productive way.

Are you ready to start your own conversation? Call our admin team at 847-854-4333 to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!