School Stress Series Part 1


By Jacki Haworth, Clinical Intern


School can be a stressful time for students, no matter what age or grade they’re in. There are periods of time throughout the academic school year when stress increases, such as the beginning of a new school year, test dates, report card time, exams, and parent teacher conferences just to name a few. Often overlooked, but just as valid, is the stress school can cause for the parents and guardians of students. School can be stressful even for people no longer in school!


Depending on what grade the student is in there may be unique stressors. From stress about GPA and ACT scores for students nearing college, middle schoolers needing to make new friends, to parents having to send their kindergartener off to school for the first time, stress and school go hand in hand.


While these may be things that people don’t acknowledge as stressful, they are things that many people experience. Additionally, our society has normalized a state of perpetual stress. It can be painful when people invalidate the stress a person experiences. Experiencing stressful situations is normal, but constantly feeling stressed is a sign it’s time to seek help.



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