Importance of sleep

By Hannah Garrat, Clinical Intern

What is sleep? How much sleep do you need? How does lack of sleep negatively impact you?
These are all great questions to ask yourself!

Sleep is an altered state of consciousness. It is composed of our internal “body clock” which functions on a 24-hour cycle also known as the circadian rhythm. Once you wake up from sleep, you will get more tired throughout the day with increased feelings peaking in the evening up until bedtime. Sleep is essential in how we function, physically and mentally. A bad night of sleep can drastically affect our mood and ability to regulate emotions. It can also affect our physical state by inhibiting our ability to fight diseases, decreasing our immunity, effecting our metabolism and increasing risk of chronic disease.

The right amount of sleep truly depends on your age. As you get older less sleep is required, and you get the most sleep when you are first born. Most adults typically need seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

There are several external things that could impact sleep such as: stress, work schedules, a disruptive environment, and medical conditions. A healthy diet and positive lifestyle habits will also impact getting adequate sleep. Research has also shown that using a screen right before bed could also influence sleep. The blue light from the phone can affect the production of melatonin that is the primary hormone that communicates to the body that is is time to fall asleep.

Ways to establish positive changes and create healthy sleep habits are:

• Set up a good sleep environment. Make sure you have the best mattress, pillow and
sheets for your sleep preferences and body type.
• Maintain comfortable temperatures in the room you are sleeping in.
• Establish a realistic bed time and stick to it.
• Make a bedtime routine.
• Consider stopping using electronic devices and screens at least an hour before bed.
• Abstain from caffeine, alcohol, and large meals in the hours leading up to bedtime.
• Exercise during the day; this can help you wind down in the evening and prepare for

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