What is National Simplicity Day and why is it important?

By Shannon Olson, LCSW, Clinical Director, Intern Coordinator

National Simplicity Day is in honor of writer Henry David Thoreau, who once wrote: “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” He’s right! Think about the difference between September through May and summer break. With less in our lives, we can breathe again. The point in all this simplicity is to take the time to evaluate your life as it currently stands. Are and your family going in the direction you want? Are you finding joy? Are you building more intimate relationships? Are you building a life worth living? Or are you moving at such a pace that intention no longer has a place? This day is for you!

The importance of simplicity and self-reflection is similar to learning to truly breathe and take in the moment. When moments are all whizzing by us at mock speed, what are we getting and what aren’t we giving? If we’re moving that fast, we lack intention, direction and intimacy. The very things that make life worth living!

Pick one day this month and invest in yourself. Go for a walk, sit at the lake, savor a cup of coffee, or enjoy a bonfire. Get along with yourself and ask yourself what you love, what you enjoy, what you loathe and what adds stress. Perhaps identify one object/task/direction that is bringing you down and figure out how to put it down. Identify 2 things that bring joy and incorporate them with intention into your day-to-day.

I know there’s a big question looming: how?! If you’re not sure where to start or how to start, give us a call. I promise you this team knows exactly how to help you figure it out and make it happen. Call us at 847-854-4333 or reach us via email at admin@owenscounseling.com.