Let It Go Day

Krista Mueller, LPC, NCC


When you hear the words “let it go”, I think a majority of us can think of a song that goes along with those words. Feel free to keep that song in mind, as it may become part of your Let it Go Day celebration! If you have no idea what I am talking about, just think of a song that makes you feel empowered and use that later.


What is Let it Go Day?


Let it Go Day means is a celebration to remind us of the importance of moving on from the past and to cast away anything we may be holding on to that is holding us back from where we are trying to go. This day creates an opportunity to acknowledge all the grudges, hurt, regrets, guilt, fear, past experiences, and the like that we may be holding on to and figure out how to let it go.


Why is it relevant?


This day is relevant to you and the present, as we all have something we are hanging on to that is either hurting us or doing us no benefit. Not letting go of the hurts and regrets often holds us down. A representation is the picture below. If we let go of what is too heavy, we can reach new altitudes that were not possible before. Hanging on to this weight is not useful, so what’s the point?

There may be pain and hurt associated with the things we are holding on to in hopes of receiving some kind of accountability, validation, or restitution from others. In that case, you must decide how long you are willing to hold on to these things and how long you are willing to let them hold you back. Today is a wonderful opportunity to revisit, re-evaluate and choose to let it go.


What can I do & what if I need help?

Let go of:

  1. Fear

It stops you from trying new experiences, making changes, and taking risks. They say you never know until you try.

  1. Grudges

Holding a grudge holds you in the past and prevents you from creating a new relationship or moving forward.

  1. Guilt

Life and time keep going. Others have moved on. You cannot change the past. We have the power to be resilient. Hanging on to guilt is only keeping you stuck.

  1. The Past

Things may not have gone according to how you wanted them to, but recreating the past is not an option. The best thing you may be able to do for yourself and others is let go.


Although these are some common ideas that people struggle to let go of, there are many more. If you are struggling to let go or want to learn how, let us help you. We are here for you and only wish to see you grow! Letting go can feel empowering. Are you willing to give it a try?


Let’s learn to let go and celebrate this day together!

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