By Jacki Haworth, Clinical Intern


Sleep is the time where a person can rest, recharge, and reset for the next day. Throughout the day there are opportunities to rest your body but sleep is an opportunity for your mind to rest. Sleep can often be overlooked. However sleep or lack of sleep can have an impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing.

The amount of sleep that each person needs can depend on the person. Some people require more or less sleep a night, to feel well rested. Another component of sleep that is important to acknowledge is sleep quality. The better the sleep quality, the more well rested a person will feel when they wake up.

Some methods to improve sleep are meditation, reduce caffeine intake and reducing screen time before bed. Another method to help with sleep is to listen to soft soothing music or the sound of rain, when trying to fall asleep. Creating a sleep schedule and following that schedule can help a person get in good habits of falling asleep at a similar time each night.



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