By Ella Gray, High School Intern

Women’s equality day is coming up! It is celebrated on August 26 to commemorate the adoption of the nineteenth Amendment of the US constitution. The amendment prohibits the states and federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens on the basis of sex, ultimately allowing women to vote. This was adopted in 1920 and more importantly it got the ball rolling with more freedom and mobility for women.

The freedom to vote is an important right. It lets someone express themselves and their values by finding the candidate that they feel would best fill the position to represent their needs. Nowadays, representation plays a big role in how the future will turn out, and without women being able to vote or fill some of those positions, the US could possibly have been in a completely different state. With the amendment being adopted, women could choose what they wanted, and voice what they needed. This led to more opportunities for women in jobs, athletics, academics, and more.

It’s important to celebrate and remember events like this because it can lead to even more empowerment and change. Young women growing up today have opportunities that may not have been possible many years ago. It is crucial for everyone to feel respected as a person in their own environment no matter the gender. There are strong women all over the world and that should be celebrated. Generations to come can learn from events and days like this and continue changing the world!

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