Who’s Your Worst Critic?

By: Kaleigh Nobbe, Clinical Intern


It can be hard to hear people remind us of all the ways in which we can improve – at work, at home, with friends, you name it. Sometimes it can feel like we don’t meet anyone’s standards, even our own. I want to eat better or workout more, visit family more often, look better in the mirror even. So much of what we are taking in can feel like we are being weighted down with disapproval.

So what can we do to help counteract this feeling of negativity that can cloud our self-esteem. It’s easier to remember the statements that we do not like about ourselves, we hold onto those remarks a little tighter than the compliments, making the compliments even more necessary to hear. Researchers have looked at this imbalance between positive and negative statements and found that for each negative feeling or interaction, there must be at least five positive feelings or interactions to create a sense of stability and happiness.

Other tools that can be useful in learning to counteract this negativity bias include exploring mindfulness and cognitive distortions.


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