Therapist Spot Light – Ema Gavrilovic


I just started with Owens & Associates a couple months ago, and I am so excited to see new clients! After graduating from DePaul University’s graduate program with a clinical mental health counseling degree, I obtained my professional license to counsel, LPC for short, last spring. DePaul had a unique counseling program because it was a three year program, whereas most master counseling programs are two. I took a lot of interesting courses ranging from trauma and crisis counseling, to counseling theories, to career counseling.

My third year at DePaul consisted of a full time counseling internship. I completed my internship and clinical hours at DePaul University’s College of Education where I met with members of the community both individually and in group formats. I co-facilitated group sessions through a mindfulness curriculum, called Learning to Breathe, as well as co-facilitated an all-girls group from a Chicago community agency, Penedo. I also completed a month-long winter experiential course through DePaul where I was able to provide therapeutic intervention to incarcerated youth at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center. The following spring, I reached out to DePaul’s law department, which was sending a group of students to provide education on law to the juveniles at the center. I collaborated with this group as well and was able to return during a Spring Break experiential learning to the center.

The program curriculum included creating an intensive, a capstone project, and I created one during the spring term to showcase to a judge committee during a graduate symposium. I created this project to study the effects on the level of anger through emotional release using different eclectic therapeutic interventions in a group of middle school girls. Weekly, the girls met during their lunch break where they participated in more hands-on approaches to therapy. The group work was completed in a four week timespan. Some activities I planned included a psychodrama class, where the girls were allowed to express their emotions and process their stories that distressed them in a scripted play they authored and conducted, as well as other similar unique sessions.

Currently I see clients for a variety of issues. The issues I am most knowledgeable on include anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, at-risk behavior in youth and teens, as well as general issues which stress out youth and teens such as school issues. I also incorporate psychoeducation to my clients in the form of learning about coping skills, which my next blog post features. I enjoy combining creative approaches to therapy work, including but not limited to mindfulness, art activities, journaling, and other mind-body approaches. I am trained in an eclectic mix of theories including Gestalt and cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, short-term crisis counseling, as well as narrative therapy.

If you would like to contact me to schedule your first 15 minute complimentary phone session to discuss your goals, don’t hesitate to reach out! I can be reached at or at (847) 854-4333.

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