By Ella Gray, High School Intern

Suicide prevention day is an awareness day on September 10th. Every year it is observed to provide worldwide action and commitment in the prevention of suicide. Many organizations work together and find ways of support and encouragement to join and spread awareness. There are charities, hotlines, and events to show the importance of awareness and where to receive help.

Suicide is a very difficult thing. Many people have lost or almost lost lives of loved ones because of the battle. Someone may be suffering and show little signs, someone may be suffering and directly ask for help. Whatever the case may be, it is important that the person feels seen and heard. It is hard to tell what someone is going through, so with awareness, and understanding the warning signs of suicidal thoughts or depression it can prepare others to help someone in need.  

Another important part of suicide awareness is remembrance. As an act of remembrance and showing support of suicide prevention, individuals light a candle all over the world at 8pm on September 10th. This is for the survivors of suicide, and to remember lost loved ones. With awareness and working together it shows there is care for those who may need it. If someone reaches out, being there for them could lead to saving a life. 

If you’re not sure how to help someone you love, or don’t know where to turn with your own thoughts please call Owens Counseling 847-854-4333. We can and will help light the way.