In our fast-paced, productive-oriented culture it can be really challenging to take a break or slow down. Maybe there are feelings of guilt in the form of a nagging voice in your head saying, “you should be doing something!” or “do you know how long your to-do list is?” The reality is that’s probably true, we could always be doing something and to-do lists will continue to grow. This makes it difficult to pause or slow down, which may be exactly what we need.

We are often really great at showing compassion for others, seeing how hard they work and encouraging them to take a break. Let’s try it for ourselves. Say it with me, “I deserve to take a break.” Did that feel weird or unusual? Then you may need to make this a new daily practice. If it felt comfortable or familiar, keep it up! Now that we have acknowledged we deserve a break, the next step is to follow through. What does a break look like for you? What helps you recharge? It can be easy to pick up the phone and look through Facebook, but is that really rejuvenating or beneficial in slowing down and pausing for you?

Maybe it’s time to try a new way to break in the day. Some of my favorites are: legs up the wall yoga pose, breathing exercises especially with color visualization, and using a face mask. Pick one thing that works for you and try to find even just 5 minutes per day to take a break. This can also look like slowing down daily activities by walking slowly, eating more mindfully, taking a couple extra minutes in a warm shower. Whatever you choose make sure it is not another responsibility you are piling on, be intentional with what you choose and how you practice it. Please use the comments section to share some of your favorite ways to pause or slow down. Maybe it could be a new one for me or others to try!