Sometimes we say things like, “This is probably for the best” when something is going wrong in our lives. I am here to tell you that you do not have to accept that what is happening in this moment is for the best. You just have to accept that it is happening.

Sometimes it is too hard for our minds to comprehend that what is happening right now is for the best. Especially if the present moment feels bad. Let’s be honest: things could always be better.

You could always be richer. You could always prefer you looked different. You could always prefer your life to be different.
Not to mention that someone out there will always be more successful or have better-behaved children. They will have it easier than you in certain areas. You will always be able to find someone prettier, with longer eyelashes, whatever!

So, I am not going to try to fool you by telling you this present moment is perfect. Because let’s be real. It could always be better.

Are you depressed yet? You do not need to be! Comparing yourself to others invites misery into your life, so do not do it! Comparing your life to how it could be also invites misery into your life.

So how do we get happy now, while knowing that things could be better? It is easy. Now is where the magic is! The miracle can only happen in the preset moment.

Marianne Williamson talks about how the horizontal (physical plane) intersects with the vertical (spiritual plane) only in the present moment. If you want magic to happen, you must recognize it all around you right now.

The present moment is alive with magic. Your power lies in using it. Use it to change your mind now about what is happening around you. Acknowledge that you have all the power and magic you need to see a different world.

The next time you are struggling with feeling unhappy with your circumstances, tell yourself, “The magic is in the moment.” And see what kind of magic you can create by changing your thoughts.

Let’s review, to raise your vibe you need to:
1. Accept that the present moment is happening. Stop resisting.
2. Tell yourself, “The magic is in the moment.”
3. Do something to make the moment more magical. Shift your thinking, or DO something.

When I fully moved into accepting that the present moment is happening is when I found my magic. This is when I started to pay more attention to the awesomeness of my husband, painted my walls purple, planted a garden, and found the angels.

So please tell me below how this sits with you! Do you have a hard time accepting the present moment and your current situation? I promise that as soon as you move into acceptance, you will find your magic too.

Peace, Love, and Magic,