By: Syd Schertzer

National Night Out Day is all about preventing crime and making the neighborhood containing your household a safer environment to live in. The community gathers together in order to look out for one another. Local police will host barbecues and have speeches about way to improve neighborhood safety.

For example, about how dog owners can keep an eye out for suspicious activity during their walk. What is something you could do to improve your home safety?

Things to improve neighborhood safety: 

  • Keep the yard clean 
  • Know your neighbors 
  • Have a list of emergency contacts for your neighbors  
  • Keep each other notified of any suspicious activity
  • Know locations of the nearest hospital, fire station, and police station 

Things for better home security: 

  • Lock doors at night  
  • Close all blind and windows nightly 
  • Install security system
  • Be aware of the family’s whereabouts

This National Night Out day if you see someone of service, tell them thank you and how much you appreciate what they do for us.