By Syd Schertzer

Friendships are some of the most valued possessions in our lives. It makes sense that a day was invented to celebrate them! Friendships share trust, loyalty, memories, fun times, and fights. Friends are like a support person you can go to when you are feeling sad or to tell all your secrets to, but also when you are bored or want to go on some crazy adventure with.  Whatever it may be, friends are the people you always look to for advice. A friend is someone to travel through life with and accompany you on all of life’s journeys. A bond that is tight and almost impossible to break.


Friendships have a direct relationship with a person’s mental health. They relieve the stress of feeling lonely or empty inside and help guide you through your problems, as well as being a backboard of support. They are someone who is always there cheering on the sidelines or straightening you out to keep you from making harmful decisions. They are a person you are able to rant to if you have an overwhelming day and they will help you overcome it. Friends push you to become the best version of yourself and want nothing more than your happiness. They want you to love yourself as much as they love you and want you to discover your self-worth. Friends are important in ones’ life because people need someone else to be there for them. National Friendship Day was founded in 1919 by Hallmark, it was a day to send a card to your friends to show appreciation (National Friendship Day). This friendship day, shoot a text to your friend or call them up to hang out and let them know how much they mean to you. 


“National Friendship Day- First Sunday in August”. 

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