National AIDS Day by: Syd Schertzer

Currently, there are about 36.7 million people globally suffering from the AIDS/HIV virus. More than 35 million people have died due to the virus since its initial discovery in 1984.

The AIDS virus was first discovered in homosexual men and later found in women, men, and children; regardless of sexual preference.

The symptoms of AID may take a long time to show and, if they do, it is very minimal; such as symptoms of the common cold.

Transfer of the AIDS virus can occur through blood, such as sharing an unsterilized needle or having unprotected intercourse.

This is a virus that slowly weakens the immune system and, in some cases, leads to death as a result of a cold or minor illness developed during co-occurring symptoms of the AIDS virus.

On top of all the psychical burdens associated with the AIDS virus, a complicated mental battle to remain optimistic often accompanies the virus. If you know someone who is suffering from the AIDS/HIV virus, be sure to offer supportive ways to make the mental struggle a little lighter.

On December 1st, many wear a red ribbon or red clothing in support of those who are dealing with the mental and physical struggles associated with AIDS/HIV.

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