Mood Boosters

I’m a huge advocate of self-care and I think it needs to be a part of every person’s routine. I am also aware that it can sometimes be difficult to go to an hour (or longer) yoga class or take time away from your family to read a good book for 30 minutes. While I think it is essential to make these time commitments for self care, there are also small and quick ways to check in and do something nice for yourself. As a compliment to a self-care regiment, what about trying mood boosters?

A mood booster can be anything that is short, simple, and possibly helps you feel a little bit better. What mood boosters do you think you can add to your therapy tool box? Here’s some ideas I have:

-think of 3 things you are grateful for

-sing along to the music on the radio

-doodle some hearts or stars on a post-it or piece of paper

-put on lotion

-use essential oils

-text or call a friend to say hi

-take a picture of something beautiful

-stretch or take a few minutes in a restorative yoga pose

-write a poem

-read some jokes

-sit outside

-recall a funny or happy memory

Some of these you could do anywhere and at any time too. What others would you add to this list? Are you willing to try some of these? How often and when?

It may be helpful to think of the times of the day that you really need a mood booster. Maybe it’s on your way to work – so try to listen to some really good music! Or maybe right before bed – so think of everything you are grateful for that day rather than what you are worried about tomorrow! Use these boosters when you need them. The more you practice and use these skills, the more they will become a habit and part of your regular routine. Give it a try and see if it makes a difference! Please leave other ideas you have for mood boosters in the comment section – maybe other people will find your suggestions helpful too!

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Camille Williams, M.A., LCPC