Independence Day by Amelia Lin, Intern

On the 4th of July we look forward to barbecues, fireworks, or just a day off from work. Like many other national holidays, it’s easy to forget why this day exists in the first place. However, Independence Day is special because it unites the people of America despite the differences that make each and every one of us stand out.

It should be a reminder of the type of nation our history fought for: one that is indivisible, one that sustains liberty, and one that grants justice for all. “All” is a powerful word that it doesn’t discriminate against certain groups and in the way that it, depending how you look at it, might just surpass country borders. Acknowledging how far this nation has come is a great way to spend this holiday, but what’s even better is remembering how much more we can achieve.  

Every day, what it means to be an “American” changes to fit the diversity that has become of this country, and I think that’s beautiful. Despite this evolution, the foundation still stays firm. Freedom is at the core of Independence Day. Free to be our own country, and free to be ourselves. In a nation full of such prosperity and success, it is easier than ever to be pinned down by a label or a standard. But that’s when we have to go back to our roots, reevaluate what it means to be independent, and reclaim the values that this country has fought so long and hard for. 

Please remember to honor those who have fought, currently fight, or are training to fight for our country and our right to have this day off to celebrate! We urge you to keep in mind the fight for freedom that stands behind our ability to barbecue and view fireworks with our loved ones! In addition, please be mindful of those who brought the war home with them, both human and canine, who may me triggered by the fireworks, firecrackers, etc., that we often use to celebrate our independence!

Most importantly, be safe! Happy 4th of July everyone!