Today’s post is by our therapy dog Sampson.

He wouldn’t stop begging until I promised to post this interview with him and his friends at Fydoland. (he was the VIP – Very Important Puppy – of the week there, and pretty proud of it). He says he would’ve done it himself but paws are clumsy on keyboards and he didn’t want to scratch my laptop. He’s so thoughtful.


I’m five now

I know I’m part Great Dane – pretty cool huh?  I think my lineage also includes some Rottweiler, Mastiff, and Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I’m really not very picky.  My humans are a lot pickier than I am.  Some of my favorites are Nature Select Lamb flavored food – I eat a lot of that.  I also really like peanut butter; preferably Jiff creamy but crunchy is okay too.  I also like all the treats that come in my Bark Box every month.  Oh, and I also like when my humans leave some of there food out for me to finish – I know I’m not supposed to but they put everything right at nose level and it all smells so good!

Henry the Head is one of my favorite toys.  It’s a mannequin head that my human got for me.  I like running around the yard with it and tossing it in the air to see how far I can throw it.  I also like squeaky toys a lot.  Sometimes I take them all out of the basket that my human puts them in and I play songs by squeaking different toys.  My other favorite toy is my friend Dexter.  He has humans that are friends with my humans.  Dexter is still pretty young, so I’m trying to teach him some stuff. He comes over and we play a lot together.  I like to put his whole head in my mouth just for fun.

I don’t remember all of my back story.  Some things are better forgotten anyway.  What I do remember is that I was wandering around looking for food when some scary guys grabbed me and put me in a cage in a truck.  They took me to a shelter where things smelled bad and I wasn’t very comfortable.  A few days later I got to go to a place called Animal House Shelter.  It was a long ride but it turned out to be worth it. I was there a couple of weeks and enjoyed the walks I got and the people I met but it got even better when they brought me out of the back room to meet some people.  I went right up to them and I knew that I was supposed to be with them. So, I sat on the floor next to the big guy and wouldn’t let him leave until he agreed to take me home with him. I’ve been watching over the whole family ever since.

I like playing with my friends when they come over or when I get to go to Fydoland.  My humans call it “Puppy Party” and I amuse them by getting excited when they say it, but it is really just a cool place for me to hang out with my friends.
My other favorite thing to do is to go to work.  I help one of my humans at his office.  He’s a therapist and I go to make sure that the people that come to see him are well treated and have someone to pet or snuggle with if they want.  I’ll even get on the couch with them if they need me to. It can be a lot of work laying there and listening to all the stories but it is still one of my favorite things to do.

If I were a human I would be a therapist like my human friend.  I’ve pretty much learned all that he knows so I could jump right in if he needed me to.  The only difference in being human is that I could speak the language and I would have thumbs – which makes opening office doors a whole lot easier.


Sampson Owens, certified Therapy Dog and great snuggler