By Jacki Haworth, Clinical Intern 

Jacki is a Clinical Intern, completing her Master of Art in Counseling at Northwestern University. Jacki is currently accepting new clients at the Lake in the Hills, Warrenville, St. Charles and Schaumburg locations.

As summer is upon us people are traveling more often. One form of travel is by car. As it is summertime there is a lot of road construction happening. An unpleasant by product of that road construction is frustration and anger due to traffic and time delays. I can only imagine that having family members or other people in the car could add to the stress levels. 

Then, of course, there is the added frustration of other drivers. We cannot control other people. We can’t control what speed they drive, if they use their turn signal, or whether they weave in and out of traffic. On top of that, construction zones can bring traffic to a complete stop sometimes out of nowhere.  

It can be very easy for that tension to build to the point where that frustration has nowhere else to go except to be released. Some skills to deescalate stressful situations are: taking a few deep breaths, listening to calming music, and decreasing caffeine consumption. Sometimes those don’t work because the frustration has gone too far. That’s when you could use someone to talk to and get some helpful solutions. 

Find out more about how frustration and anger may be impacting your life, and learn to be better at managing it. 

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