By: Ella Gray, HS Intern

FOMO… fear of missing out. It has affected everyone, just in different ways. Maybe you feel it if  you aren’t invited to hang out with the group. Or have it when thinking about missing the opportunity to do something spontaneous. No matter the circumstance, if your brain works hard enough… it can probably find a way to make you feel left out. With the pandemic, the FOMO system kind of collapsed. There was little to worry about missing out because there was not much to miss out on. Most people were inside by themselves or with family doing things that you wouldn’t normally feel left out in. There were little to no social gatherings or events that you could have felt you missed out on. Now with restaurants, practices, and events opening back up, there are even more ways to feel left out.  

There’s a lot more going on than there was in the past and because of that it may be daunting. This anxiety and fear stems from the belief that others could be having fun while you aren’t. It also could be from having to make the decision to participate in certain occasions or not. With these situations, the connections you have with your friends, family, and anyone else you interact with are important. Without a viable connection and sense of strength in your relationships it can be even easier to feel left out. Connections are important and the relationship you have with other humans are too. 


As much as connections are important, so are you. We need each other and connections, but we also need time for ourselves. Your sense of self is important, and without that it is easy to forget your worth. It is easy to get caught up in the present and wanting to do everything. In the end, if you think about it there’s always going to be something to feel left out with. The important decision to make is how you decide to handle the fear. Nowadays, people tend to prioritize others over their own health or wellbeing, and while this is kind… you also have to be kind to yourself. Don’t forget you can only give as much as you take. 

If you find yourself constantly worrying about missing out and needing to talk there are people that will listen. If you would like someone to listen and help with the fear of missing out you can call Owens Counseling today! 847-854-4333