By Jacki Haworth, Clinical Intern

Jacki is a Clinical Intern, completing her Master of Art in Counseling at Northwestern University. Jacki has experience working with teens and adults. She currently works with teens and adults seeking counseling for anxiety, depression, coping skills, life transitions, peer relationships, and relationship issues. Jacki is currently accepting new clients at the Lake in the Hills, Warrenville, St. Charles and Schaumburg locations.

Summertime usually means fireworks and loud outdoor concerts. Loud noises can be

particularly difficult for people who have PTSD. For people who suffer from PTSD the loud noises, specifically fireworks can be very triggering.

Fireworks are explosions that go off at random times. The unexpected explosions can trigger that fight and flight instinct in people. A person can have flashbacks to traumatic events as a result of the high decibel noise from fireworks.

Ways to help someone with PTSD, dealing with fireworks triggers is to give them prior notice to fireworks. If you are experiencing PTSD there are two applications Virtual Hope Box and PTSD Coach.

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