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An important lesson in stress reduction was re-affirmed a few weeks ago: ditch the phone and connect with others. We talk about this simple, or simply difficult, reality all the time. Logically, we all get it; but it’s so hard!

Being constantly available and “on” does not give the body or the brain the time it needs to relax. As such we are running from one task to the next, and during this time we are NOT connecting with anyone. True connection takes time, eye contact, focus on another person and conversation. Truly connecting with another person decreases stress!

Here’s your spring challenge: pick someone you want to connect with, leave your phone at home (or at least in the car), and pick someplace that doesn’t have a tv. Discuss what’s on your mind, some things you’d really like to experience before 2018 turns to 2019, really listen and feel yourself relax.

Cheers to deepening our relationships this spring!