Amelia Lin’s take on returning to school!!!

Slowly but surely our days are getting shorter, the weather is cooling down, and every Target is stocking up on pencils, pens, and notebooks. Back to school season is upon us. Whether you’re a student, parent, or teacher, this can be a time of many mixed emotions. Stress, excitement, nervousness, and sadness are all feelings that the end of summer can bring.  

Sometimes it’s hard to be thankful for the education we get from school when there’s so much work and effort involved. However, this all depends on the way we look at going back to school. If we convince ourselves that it’ll be just another hopeless year of essays and lab reports, then our first day back will most likely reflect that line of thinking. So instead, let’s push ourselves to see this season as a fresh start. A time to find new motivations and try new things. Making new friends, meeting new people, and discovering new interests are all possibilities that will only become reality if we let them.