By Ella Gray, High School Intern

Anxiety… It’s this thing in the back of your head that can keep you from doing what you love or being who you enjoy. Being anxious is not a pleasant feeling, and it affects many people, multiple times a day. Since it affects so many teens it’s important to be able to understand the signs of anxiety or an anxiety disorder, so we can recognize when we can help or when more help is needed. 

One sign of anxiety in teens is trouble concentrating or thinking about anything else other than what they are worried about. Not being able to concentrate while in school or at work can be very difficult and it’s not because the person is lazy or doesn’t want to, but because it’s too difficult to focus on anything else. With this, it can lead to another sign of anxiety in teens, which is feeling nervous, or restless. The constant worry can lead to more trouble down the road or in stressful situations.

With anxiety, another common sign is having a sense of danger and panic. When having anxiety about a certain event or situation people may feel panicked or in danger. If anxiety is constant and continues to arise a person may start to have trouble breathing, which is another sign of anxiety. Lastly, irritability can be a sign for someone with anxiety. If they feel too much pressure or overloaded with too much it might lead to easy irritation or unexplained outbursts. 

Anxiety is a little different for everyone, and some teens greatly express it, while others may experience subtle signs. Whether what you are experiencing is anxiety or an anxiety disorder both are miserable and there’s a way out. Don’t wait! Call Owens Counseling now for support, skills and a more relaxed and joyful life that awaits you. 847-854-4333