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Therapist Spot Light – Jason Brescia


When I started college, I knew that I wanted to help people improve their lives. I originally entered as a music therapy major, but then switched to psychology and an applied music major. This allowed me to focus on a counseling approach, while also still enjoying my love of music (trombone specifically). Fast forward to the end of my first year of grad school and my passion for grief work was confirmed. It was in my third year of grad school where I my passion for complex trauma was ignited.
People ask me all the time why grief work? It started in a class called Living with Death where we discussed death and how different religions, ethnic groups, ages, and others process death and hold ceremonies. My interest became my passion in another class, Grief Counseling, in grad school. This class opened the door to fascinating authors that taught me to look at grief as much more than just death, but rather any significant loss we experience. I continue to be fascinated by how we grow and develop as people when we need that extra support.
What do I do for fun? I love listening to music, specifically alternative rock. You can catch me cranking my music up in my car with the windows down on a nice day. I also love to play board games with my family (my grandma got me into Scrabble at a very young age!) and Dungeons and Dragons with my wife and friends. Cooking has always been a love for mine, perhaps its because of my Italian roots! If I need to really chill out, you can find me playing the latest Nintendo title on my Switch. Give me a call or send me an email, I look forward to meeting you! I can be reached by filling out the contact form below or  jason@owenscounseling.com.  You can also call me at (847) 854-4333 ext. 3012.

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