Sean Merchant, Clinical Intern

Sean is a Clinical Intern, completing his Master of Art in counseling at Judson University. 

Sean believes life can be very challenging, and sometimes we need support to become more self-aware and make the necessary changes to rise above the circumstances. Sean believes in providing a safe, empathic, and judgment-free atmosphere that will allow a person to begin their journey to self-heal. He can support you with issues like depression, out-of-control behaviors, marital problems, divorce recovery, grief, anxiety, or the effects of bullying, to name a few. Sean works with men and men’s issues, women, couples, and adolescents by considering their biological, social, and life experiences.  

Sean’s experiences as a case manager for nine years within the local veteran community have given him unique perspectives on an array of life issues we face and the importance of listening and connecting to solutions and change. Sean is mainly present and future-focused in delivering evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused therapies. Sean also uses mindfulness techniques. 

Sean enjoys long walks and runs in the summer and winter. He loves collecting baseball cards, reading Mad Magazines, and listening to music. Still serving in the Navy Reserves, he enjoys being able to serve our nation!

Sean is currently accepting new clients in our Lake in the Hills and St. Charles locations and can be reached by phone at 847-854-4333 ext. 3007 or by email at