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National Clean Off Your Desk Day – By: Syd Schertzer

Our work environments can be very stressful and overwhelming; especially when it is not organized properly. Things can be cluttered easily and cause unwanted extra stress. Papers become easy to lose track of too. Today, take the time to organize and clear off your desk, locker, or shared work space. Get rid of all the old and/or unnecessary documents in order to create room for the relevant ones.

Even if it is just taking five minutes to clean out a binder or put together a pile of papers, it will relieve a lot of stress and make you feel more put together afterward. Additionally, it will allow easy access to the things you need and take up less time of your day; rather than scrambling to find the paper and/or supplies that you need at any given moment.

Having an organized work space is like walking into a bakery when they had just taken the muffins out of the oven and the sweet aroma fills your nose causing you stop to take a second to enjoy the smell. Now, imagine feeling like that all the time, not to mention having an organized desk makes others around you value your opinion more because you appear to be on top of your game.

Today, we challenge you to take the FIVE MINUTES to just clean up a bit and relieve some unnecessary stress in your home or work place.