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What is it and how can it work for you?

Have you ever felt like something is blocking you or holding you back from living the life of your dreams?  That is most likely because there is!  We can spend years changing our thoughts and behaviors, but still not be living the lives we know we are capable of living.
Hypnotherapy is a path of self-discovery.  By learning how to go into a deeply relaxed state, we can uncover some beliefs that are holding us back from thriving today.  In childhood, we make decisions about ourselves and the world.  These decisions might have helped us back then, but they are not helping us now.
We hold onto beliefs in our subconscious, such as, “the world is not a safe place”, or “I’m not good enough”, or “I need to have control”.  Hypnotherapy is about shedding some light on these beliefs, so we can release and change them.
Our subconscious mind runs our life, so we want to make sure it is on board with what we want.  If you are dealing with addictions, anxiety, anger, relationship issues, or many other concerns, hypnotherapy can help.
A hypnotic trance is just an everyday state of mind that we go in and out of all the time.  It is like driving to work and not remembering how you got there.  You are in complete control during hypnosis.  You always know what is going on, and yes, everyone can be hypnotized!
Have you ever tried to break a habit, such as eating cookies before bed?  You probably have noticed that it is not easy!  Well, hypnosis makes it easy.  Hypnosis wakes you up to these habits and programs a new one into you through powerful suggestions.  It makes a healthy, beautiful, thriving life more attractive to you than those cookies ever could be.  And in return, your life becomes healthy, beautiful, and thriving!

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