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Clinical Interns:

Owens and Associates is a learning facility. They are in the midst of studying human behavior and may be focusing on different types of therapy in their studies. They will be monitored closely by a supervisor and are more than qualified to conduct individual therapy and group therapy in all six of our locations!

Nichole is a Clinical Intern, Completeing her Master of Art in counseling at Judson Univeristy.

She is a trauma and anxiety therapist intern who helps adolescents and adults overcome distress in order to help them create their best life. We have all been there. It’s never easy. You deserve support. You deserve freedom from suffering. She is here to hold a safe space for you and help you.

Her approach to therapy is humanistic and involves CBT, mindfulness, and client-centered approaches. She focuses on trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, illness, and peripartum issues. As a former registered nurse, she is familiar with the hardships of chronic illness. She’s a registered yoga teacher and has special certification in trauma-sensitive yoga therapy. She firmly believes that everyone has the ability to heal from psychological pain with the right tools and environment. She believes that anyone who opens the door to go to therapy is brave and capable. She wants to support you as you find your way through healing.

Nichole is accepting new clients at Lake in the Hills, Schaumburg and St. Charles locations.

Krista is a Clinical Intern, completing her Master of Science in Counseling at National Louis University.

She believes that everyone deserves to have a safe place to express themselves. She is passionate about teaching clients how to cope with common life stressors.

Krista enjoys working with adolescents and adults seeking counseling for stress, anxiety, and coping skills by using Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness Techniques to empower clients on their life journeys. She focuses on building relationships with humor and empathy.

Krista is an animal lover that enjoys baking, hiking, and gardening in her free time.

Krista is currently accepting new clients at Schaumburg and Lake in the Hills locations.

Jacki is a Clinical Intern, completing her Master of Art in Counseling at Northwestern University. 

Jacki believes that it is imperative to create an environment where her clients feel safe. By creating a supportive space, Jacki hopes to create a therapeutic relationship where clients are able to share and heal. She focuses on using a collaborative approach with humor, understanding, and no judgment, to create a strong relationship.  

Jacki has experience working with teens and adults. She currently works with teens and adults seeking counseling for anxiety, depression, coping skills, life transitions, peer relationships, and relationship issues.  

Jacki enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking, and traveling. 

Jacki is currently accepting new clients at the Lake in the Hills, Warrenville, St. Charles, and Schaumburg locations.

Kaleigh is a Clinical Intern, completing her Master of Art in Counseling at Northwestern University.

Kaleigh believes her role as a counselor is to welcome all clients by inviting them to create a partnership where they grow together, mend wounds and restore health. Her focus is to use an open mind, acceptance, patience, collaboration, reflection, and humor to cultivate a deep understanding and a meaningful relationship.

Kaleigh has experience working with adults, children with disabilities, and athletes. She currently works with adults seeking counseling for trauma, stress, anxiety, parenting, disability, work issues, conflict resolution, and life transitions. Kaleigh likes to explore a client’s strengths to build resilience and open the door to self-reflection, transformation, and satisfaction.

Kaleigh enjoys spending time with family and friends. She dedicates time each week to playing with her nephew and watching him grow.

Kaleigh is currently accepting new clients at the LibertyvilleLake in the Hills, Warrenville, St. Charles, and Schaumburg locations.