Art Therapy

According to the AATA, Art Therapy is an integrative mental health methodology that enriches the lives of individuals, families, and communities through active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience in a therapeutic setting.

So, aside from all the technical jargon, what does that actually mean? Essentially, artistic expression can be a creative way to foster:

• Endurance

• Resilience

• Knowing and being known

• Self-awareness

• Self-esteem

• Self-expression

• Telling the truth

• Creating safety

• Expressing feelings, hopes, dreams, uniqueness

Art Therapy in Action

Art Therapy for Eating Disorders
Art Therapy for Trauma

Art Therapy for Adolescents

Still not sure if Art Therapy is right for you?

• Could you use help expressing yourself to people around you?

• Do you find talk therapy only helps you express yourself in one way?

• Do you enjoy using your hands?

• Are you a creative person or one who appreciates art?

• Do you find it easier to learn visually or “hands-on”?

• Do you often use creativity to problem-solve?

• Do you ever feel like words are not enough?

• Do you sometimes feel stuck or see verbal communication as a barrier?

• Do your feelings seem too messy or blurry to try to figure out?

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